Kitchen Garden Laboratory Launches in Portland, Oregon


In 2014 we launched our first food education program in Oregon at James John Elementary in St. John’s.

We built a greenhouse, hired an amazing gardener with a degree in early childhood development and launched our program with the support of Portland Public Schools and James John Principal Samantha Ragaisis.

Once our greenhouse bore vegetables, we invited Bill out to Portland to cook with the children of our program and their families.

Our goal of exciting children about good food, teaching them what it is and hopefully giving them the inspiration and tools to cook at home with their families was thusly achieved.

Every child who cooked with us went home with the ingredients to duplicate the meal at home and a $20 coupon to buy the ingredients a second time at the nearest Fred Meyer grocery store.

Please watch this video because seeing is believing!

USA Food Education program at James John Elementary with Master Gardener Ethan Moses and chef Bill Yosses.


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